Chapter 01

Chapter 1

First Day

It was exactly 5:00 AM when I woke up. It is August 12, and this is the day that I have to start high school. Every year, on first days, I always wake up early. Usually, this is because I want someone to notice me, and to get a friend; but this year, it was to impress Nathan. He is a boy that I met at the beginning of last year. Also, he is my only friend, Well, besides daddy. Although, daddy has always been my best friend.

I lied there in my bed for a few minutes, just thinking about the year. Eventually, I got up and began to look around for the clothes I was going to wear. I nearly stumbled my entire way to the closet, because I had so much junk all over the floor. I got to the closet, and began to search through my wardrobe. I decided on a pair of blue jeans, white T-shirt, and a pink sweater.

After I got dressed, I headed down the hallway to the bathroom to get ready. I turned on my straightener, so that it would be nice and heated up when it came time for me to use it. Next, I pulled out my make-up case. It was a royal blue color, which I found a bit ugly, but that was okay I suppose. The funny thing about me and make-up, is that I never use it. The only things in here that are mine, are lip gloss, eye shadow, and powder. Everything else belongs to my younger sister Hillary and her friends. I started to put the make-up on. Finally, I straightened my hair. It was kind of a waste of time though, because after I did that, I put it up into a pony tail. Not trying to sound conceited or anything, but I really think my hair is the most appealing feature about me. It’s long and blonde, very silky, and I’ve never had a frizz problem.

By this point I was done getting ready. I headed down stairs to the first floor to the kitchen for some of daddy’s delicious pancakes. He always makes those on my first day of school. We call them my good luck breakfast, because first days are always good, and that is the only day he makes them.

As I walked down the stairs, I was surprised to see that Andrea was up too. Andrea is my mother, but I don’t call her mom unless it is to her or the family. She didn’t say much to me, just gave me a not so pleasant look. I smiled a big smile, and continued walking. “Good morning Ali!” daddy said from the kitchen. “Good morning daddy! Making your good luck breakfast again?” “Of course. It wouldn’t be a complete first day without them, would it?” “No it really wouldn’t.” I said smiling. “Well this is the last time you will be cooking those pancakes, because I am tired of cleaning up that mess.” Andrea said. “Honey, I highly doubt this will be the last time I cook them. Plus, I don’t have any idea of what you’re talking about when you say you have to clean it.” “Whatever.” she said walking away. I assumed that she was walking up stairs to see whether Hillary was up or not.

So I went to sit at the table. We had a rather large kitchen, I think it used to be two rooms made into one. As you enter it, there is a long counter on the left that goes all the way down a wall and turns. ON this counter, there is a stove, sink,and lots of Andrea’s nick knacks. She is a complete nick knack junkie. To the right of the counter, there is a door that leads into the laundry room. Finally, to the right of that door, there is the back door. The wall turns again, and on that wall, next to the door, there is the refrigerator. IN the center of all this, there is the big round table, which is where we eat all of our meals, and daddy usually fills out his papers and stuff like that.

I took a seat at the table, and waited for the delicious pancakes. Daddy, as Usual, asked me what kind I wanted. I told him the same thing I tell him every year. “A chocolate chip and a regular please.” I said smiling. So as usual, he placed the plate in front of me, and I began eating.

Not long after I finished, Hillary and Andrea came back down stairs. He asked Hillary the same question, and she gave him the same answer. We sat there in silence until Andrea asked daddy a question. “Jeremy, are you going to give the girls a ride to school today?”. “Yes Anne I will.” he said, walking to the door to get his car keys.

After Hillary finished her breakfast, we grabbed our sweaters and headed out to the car. “Ali, are you excited for school?” Hillary asked. “Yeah I guess so. I am not really sure though. You know how I am when it comes to making friends. It sure doesn’t come as easy for me as it does for you Hill.” I said. “Oh Ali, I’m sure you’ll do fine.” daddy said. “Thanks.” I said smiling. We all piled into the little Pontiac. “Daddy.” Hillary said. “Can we go pick up Lily and Lila too?” “Sure.” That’s one of the many good things about him. He is always very polite, and he will help out anybody. The only time he is upset, is if somebody messes with his daughters. “Thanks dad.” I said sarcastically. “Now Alasia, I raised you better than that. You know that was not very nice. Lily and Lila are very young. You have to give them a break.” “Yes daddy.” I said just to save myself the lecture.

“So are you excited Hillary?” daddy asked. “Yeah! I am really excited to see those boys again.” “Boys?” he asked. “Uhhh… Yeah…” Hillary said in that snobby tone of voice. “Okay well you better be careful with those boys girl.” “I know daddy.”

We drove down maple street, and sure enough, there were Lily and Lila, sitting on the front porch waiting for us. “Hey girls!” my dad hollered to them. “Hey Jeremy.” they said in unison. “How are you lady’s doing this morning?” “Oh I’m good.” Lily said. “Yeah I’m great.” said Lila. “Hey guys, sit beside me!” Hillary said excitedly. So they did.

The entire trip to school, I heard nothing but those yelling girls. “So Hillary.” Lily said. “Did you meet that new hot boy Hunter?” “Oh my gosh you mean Hunter Williams?” Hillary said. “Yes!” “That boy that hangs out at the park all the time?” Lila asked just trying to include herself in the conversation. “yeah he is hot, and yes, that’s the one we’re talking about.” Then the girls started giggling, and talking about how hot he was. I decided to ruin their fun by saying,”Hunter is sick and won’t be at school today.” “Really? Aww!” the girls said. “Now Alasia, that wasn’t nice!” daddy said. “Sorry dad, I just had to.” “So he’s not sick?” “No, he’s not girls.” dad said. Hillary tried to slap me, but missed. “Nice job slick!” I said laughing at her. “Girls don’t start fighting.” “Yes daddy.” we said in unison. Then next thing I new, we were at my school. He dropped me off first, because he knew I hated being in the car with them. “Thanks dad.” “Yeah.” “Goodbye Ali!” Lily said. “Bye!” the other girls said. I smiled and said “Goodbye.”

My school, Westbrooke High, was one of the larger schools in the area. It had a population of about 1200 students. There were five stories of classes, not including the top floor and basement. It’s kind of sad to say, that my school was so large, and I only had one friend. I guess it’s better to have one friend than not have any at all.

As I was walking up the sidewalk to the building, some kid accidentally tripped me. “I’m so sorry.” he said. “Oh it’s okay.” “I really am sorry though. Would you like me to go get you a band-aid?” “Oh no don’t worry about it, I’ll be okay.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “Okay. So Are you new here?” he asked with an apologetic tone. “No I’m not. I’ve been attending this school my entire life.” “Oh? Well what’s your name?” “Alasia, but most people call me Ali.” “Well Ali, you’re a pretty girl.” “Well thank you.” I said, a smile forming around my teeth. I was so surprised that he actually called me pretty, but I was imagining in my mind that it was Nathan saying those words to me. “Before I forget, what’s your name?” “Dewayne.” “Well Dewayne, it was nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too.” he said as we started walking our separate ways.

After I made it in the building, I headed to my locker to put away my things. In it, I found my class schedule, and they even stocked it with all my books. I guess they planned on getting to work right away on the first day. No matter how much I ever missed school, I never missed the work. Although, I do have the highest GPA of my class.


I didn’t want to go to class, so I decided to walk the halls until the bell rang. I walked all across the first floor. There was the science and English wings, a practice gym, the library, computer lab, and the offices. When I passed the first office, a woman came out and said, “May I help you?” “Oh no thank you I was just walking around.” “Well, you’re not supposed to be in this area at this time.” “I am sorry, I didn’t know.” “Well, come in my office. You can sit here until the bell rings.” she said motioning for me to come in. At first, I just looked at her. She dressed very nice and professional, and she looked like she couldn’t hurt a fly. “What’s your name?” I asked her. “Mrs. Rebecca Sherman.” “Oh okay.” “You are?” “Alasia Tramb.” “Okay. Well Alasia, come sit in here and wait for the bell.” When I entered the room, there was a chair on the left, and a desk on the wall in front of the chair. To the left of the desk, on the other wall, there were rows of filing cabinets. “If you don’t mind my asking, where am I?” “Well, you’re in the office wing.” “I know that, I mean what office is this?” “This is the occupational Help Center.” “Okay?” “I help all of you kids find jobs, whether it be here on campus, or something off campus such as McDonalds, or a convenient store.” “Really? Well can you find me a job on campus?” “Sure, if you want to be a teachers aid.” “Oh well then never mind.”

Just then, another student walked in. “Can you help me find Mr. Simmons class?” “I have that class next.” I thought, as I checked my schedule to be sure. “Certainly!” Mrs. Sherman said. “thank you.” So after they left, I waited a few minutes, and then I left too. Unfortunately, just in time to get caught in the hallway traffic. I tripped several kids on accident; I swear I must have said sorry a million times. As I was walking, the bell rang. “Crap! Now I’ve got to hurry.” I thought.

I headed to my first class, which was English. I didn’t know much about Mr. Simmons, other than the fact that he taught at Westbrooke for 20 years. When I entered the room, I began to look around for where I could sit. There were rows and rows of seats, and they were all perfectly alined. I wanted to sit somewhere where I wouldn’t get very noticed. One of those seats so that when the teacher asks, “Does anybody know the answer?” I don’t get picked. I decided that I would pick the third seat of the fourth row. There were five rows. Each one had five seats in it. So I figured by picking this spot, I would be kind of in the back, but not trying to look like I didn’t want anybody to talk to me. After I picked my spot, I sat there for a few minutes and waited for class to begin. I watched as the preps and jocks all piled into the classroom at once. All the cheerleaders sat in the back of the room, and the jocks sat in front of them. All the band and soccer geek’s sat kind of in the middle, and the loners sat all spread out over the place. In my row, there were a couple of jocks, and then there was me. There were still two seats that were empty, and I honestly really hoped somebody would sit by me.

Then to my surprise, a really cute boy entered the room. I had never seen him before, so I guess he was new. Just my luck, he took the seat next to me. Suddenly, I realized that this was the boy from the occupation room. “Hey what’s your name?” he asked me. “Oh my goodness, is this cute boy really talking to me?” I thought to myself. “Ali.” I said. “Oh no! What do I say now? Should I ask him his name? No what if I say it wrong and sound stupid? Oh well I need to try it.” I was thinking to myself. “What’s your name.” I asked. “I’m Zack.” he said a smile forming around his perfectly straight teeth. “Zack. That’s a cool name. I still can’t believe this cute boy is talking to me.” I thought again. “So Ali. How long have you been going to this school?” he asked. “my entire life.” I said. “really? I’m new here. Would you mind showing me around?” “Sure! Whenever you need help or need anything you can ask me.” I said trying to sound helpful. “Are you the girl from the occupation room?” “Yes. I was wondering if that was you I saw there.” “Well yeah it was.” Then the bell rang, ending our conversation.

Mr. Simmons entered the room. He was a tall heavy man, about 290 by my guess, and he was probably about 6 foot 7. He had oily uncombed red-ish hair; wore an old stained T-shirt, jeans with lots of wholes, and cheep Dollar General shoes. He definitely had an interesting fashion taste. He had a terrible body odor, and his breath smelled absolutely horrid. I heard once, a few years back, that a teacher that is now retired, tricked him into eating a tick-tack. When I heard this story, I have to admit I found it very humorous. The only sad part of it all, was that he had a crush on her; but oh well, I suppose that would be why he should learn to keep himself clean.

He walked over to the big marker board, and wrote his name in big letters. “Mr. Andrew Simmons” is what it said. Then, he turned around, and began talking to us. “Hello class, my name is Mr. Simmons, as you can see on the board. We need to go over a few rules before we get started.” Most of the jocks sighed, and all the preps acted like they weren’t paying any attention. Of course, they probably weren’t. The only reason I say this, is because I could here Ginny Richards and Jessica Spencer discussing there manicures right in front of me.

He went on to talk about all the rules. Something I found a bit odd about him though, is that while he was talking, he kept making these weird faces at me. It was like all he was doing was watching me. Even when he first walked into the class, he glanced at everyone else, and focused his eyes on me for a long while. I personally was very uncomfortable with this.

Some how, in between focusing my attention on Zack, and feeling completely awkward with Mr. Simmons gawking at me, I suppose I must have fallen asleep. I wasn’t sure what happened, but next thing I knew, the bell was ringing, and everybody was running out of the room. So I got up, grabbed my bag and began to leave. Just as I was walking out, I heard Mr. Simmons call, “Hey girl. Come back here.” I stopped, turned around, and looked at him. “Are you talking about me?” I asked him. “Yes I am talking about you. Come take a seat.” “But sir, I am going to be late for my next class.” I said. “Don’t worry about that, I’ll give your history teacher a note.” “Do I have history next?” I thought to myself. So I walked over to the chairs, and took a seat.

“Sir, is there something that you need?” I asked impatiently. “Alasia, I would appreciate it if you would listen and not talk.” he said with a frustrated tone. “Yes Mr. Simmons.” I replied. “I don’t appreciate you falling asleep in my class young lady. It’s only the first day back, and you do your sleeping at home on your bed, not in school on my desks. I will give you a warning, but you better not do it again.” he said as he put his hand on my shoulder. “You know, I really should be getting to my class.” I said getting frustrated with him. “Alasia…” he said. “would you please, call me Ali?” I asked. “Sure Ali.” he said as he stared rubbing my shoulder with one hand, and running the other one across my back. “Okay, I am really getting uncomfortable.” I thought to myself. His hand got to my lower back when suddenly a student walked in. “Is his Mr. Simmons class?” the young man asked. “Yes it is. Ali, I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Okay” I replied as I grabbed my things.

When I walked out of the room, Zack was waiting for me. He followed me to my locker. “Did you get in trouble for falling asleep?” “Yes I sure did.” “I didn’t think he noticed. If I would have known, I would have woke you up.” “It’s okay Zack.” I said smiling. “What class do you have next?” “I have Oklahoma History.” “Oh really? Me too.” “That’s cool.” he said smiling. So I walked with him to his locker to get his books, but lost him in the hallway traffic.

I finally made it to history, and I guess he found someone to help him, because when I entered the room, he motioned for me to come sit next to him. I noticed that their was another young guy sitting on the other side of him. I thought about it for a moment, and then realized it was Nathan. My heart instantly fell deep into my chest, and my stomach began to tingle. “I hope he has this class with me.” I thought. I was also hoping that Zack would change seats with him, so we could sit together.

“Ali! I assume you know Nathan right?” “Oh yes! Have the two of you met before?” I asked focusing my attention on Nathan. “We met this summer.” Nathan began. “I went down to Mississippi to stay for a few days, and this is where I met Zack. We started talking, and he said he had family around here. He ended up convincing his parents to move here.” “Oh really? Why didn’t you ever mention him before?” “I don’t know, I just figured if he came, I wanted it to be a surprise to you.” “You never told me you went to Mississippi.” “That’s because I didn’t want to have to tell you about Zack.” I didn’t really say anything after that, just turned my attention back to Zack. “How old are you?” he asked.”I am 14, and how about yourself?” I am sixteen, just like Nathan.” I felt myself smile, and instantly tried to hide it. “That’s cool. So where are you from?” I asked. “I live here in Rush Springs.”” “Oh really? we do too.” “Hey, maybe some time after school, we could all hang out some time, if you want?” “Sure! I’d love to!” I said. “Oh no! Did that sound too pushy?” I wondered whispering to myself. I have a habit of doing that a lot. “Sweet!” he said. “So Zack.” “If you’re sixteen, why are you in Oklahoma History?” “Because it is the only history class I haven’t taken yet. My old school didn’t offer it to high school students.” “Oh. Did they offer it to eighth grade students?” “Yes they did.” “So did you not go to that school in the eighth grade?” “No I didn’t.” “Crap! I’m talking a lot. I hope he doesn’t think I’m crazy for asking him all of those questions.” “Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable with all the questions I asked.” “Oh no you’re fine.” “She is isn’t she?” Nathan said. “I’m just joking.” as a smile formed on his face. “No you weren’t.” Zack said in an antagonistic sort of voice. “Shut up!” Even though I tried, I couldn’t refrain from laughing a little.

Mrs. Welch entered the room. She was a heavy lady, about 260 by my guess, and was probably about 5 foot 4 inches. “Good morning class!” she said as she headed to her desk. “How are we all doing this morning?” “Good.” we all replied. “Okay lets get started. We are going to review all of the things your teachers should have already taught you. I want you all to take this test, and it will tell me what all you know.” Nobody said anything, we all just sighed as she began walking around and handing them out.

I focused on my paper, trying to concentrate on everything. I do have to admit it was a little hard with two very handsome boys on the left side of me, especially considering Nathan was one of them. The test was rather short, with twenty questions on the front, and ten on the back. It was over the Civil War, Boston Tea Party, French and Indian War, and finally, the American Revolution.

As soon as we finished, I immediately focused my attention back on Nathan. He was so cute, I just couldn’t help myself. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that he was staring at me too. I decided to give him a little smile, and he smiled back. I have to admit, that made my heart flutter. It caused me to flash back to this summer, when we had a conversation I’ll never forget.

It was a cool summer night, Friday, July twenty-sixth, to be Exact, and Nathan and I were walking down to the park to sit and talk. I had been contemplating for a while whether or not I should finally tell him my feelings for him. When we got there, Nathan walked over to a picnic table, and motioned for me to sit beside him. I sat on the same side of the table, just a little far down. He slid down until his body was almost touching mine.

“So…?” I said dying to start a conversation. For a while, he was silent. I started to wonder if it was going to be this awkward all night. Finally, he turned to me, looked into my eyes and said, “I wanted to talk to you about something personal.” “Is everything okay?” “Yeah I think so.” “Oh well than what do you want to talk to me about?” He didn’t say anything for a while. I started to wonder if this was the conversation I had been hoping for ever since I’d met him. “I don’t know how to say this. I’m not good at this sort of thing.” “Say what?” “Uhhh… I was going to tell you… that… Never mind.” “No tell me please…””I can’t.” “Nate, you can tell me anything.” I said looking at him directly in the eyes. “Okay. I’ll try. Ali…Uhh…” “Okay Nathan lets not go through this again. He laughed and continued on. “I…like… you… a lot.” “Really?” “Yeah.” “I like you too! I have ever since I met you. “I know.” “Well…” I began laughing, “That’s a little conceited of you. How did you know?” “Well, you don’t hide your emotions very well.” he chuckled. “I know.” I said scooting away. Just then, interrupting my fantasy, the bell rang. Luckily, we had the same class, again, so I led the way to Mrs. Castillo’s Spanish class.

I didn’t pay much attention to that class at all, because it’s hard for me. I noticed that Nathan and Zack were very good at it though. “Well, I know who’s helping with my homework.” I thought to myself. When Mrs. Castillo called on me to answer the question, I simply replied, “I have no idea.” The rest of the class laughed at me, but all I was worried about was what the boys thought. When I noticed that they weren’t laughing, I instantly felt better. “Would you like us to help you with your Spanish?” Nathan asked. “yeah that would be nice.” “Okay. Maybe some time after school, I… I mean we… can.” I laughed at him and just told him thank you, and that I’d appreciate it.

Finally, the bell rang, so I ran to my locker, and grabbed my lunch. I went outside to look for a spot to eat. I watched as everyone around me got into there groups. There were the jocks and the cheerleaders, the emo’s and the Goths, the punks and the preps, the skaters and the outcast’s, the nerds and the band geek’s, and then there were people like me, the loners. You know, I wonder why the loners don’t all sit together. Well, I guess that’s why we’re called loners. I wondered where Zack and Nathan were, and then, I spotted them, out of the corner of my eye, making there way to sit by me. Nathan got to me before Zack did, and he sat beside me. Zack sat beside Nathan, and we all started eating. I packed a peanut butter sandwich, an apple and some water. I guess that you could say I try to eat healthy for the most part.

I wanted to make conversation with them, but wasn’t sure how. “Zack. Are you liking the school so far?” “Yeah its okay.” “I think it’s just okay too. I don’t really like it here, but it’s the only school I’ve ever been to.” “Oh wow!I’ve been to a lot of schools, well at least more than what I can count on my hands.” “Gosh that’s a lot of schools!” I said trying to act interested. “Well I need some water. I’ll be right back.” “Okay. Do you know where it is?” “Yeah I do.” he said getting up and walking away.

“What do you think of Zack?” Nathan asked finally focusing his attention on me.”He seems like a nice guy.” “Yeah he is. I think he likes you.” “Why do you say that?””Because when we were walking out here, he just kept talking about how nice you were and how much he already enjoyed talking to you.” “Oh gosh!” I didn’t say anything, just tried to think of another topic. “So how good do you think those cheerleaders are?”.”I think they’re pretty good, but I’m glad you’re not one.” “Why is that?” “Because I think most cheerleaders are preppy and stuck up, and I still really like you and I’d be sad if you became preppy and stuck up.” My heart melted once again. “You still like me?” “Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?” “Well I just thought… well never mind.” “Ali, I have always liked you. Just because I finally told you, doesn’t mean it’s going to change.” I didn’t say anything, just chuckled a little.

Just then, Zack came back. “Hey guys! Miss me?” “Dude I’m not gay.” Nathan said immediately turning his attention back to his new best friend. Then started talking about sports and stuff I could care less about, so I just watched the cheerleaders.

Finally, the bell rang. Without saying much to them, I made my way to My locker. The rest of the afternoon seemed to fly by. I went to pre algebra, then science and finally Technology Education. I really liked my science teacher, Mrs. Smith. My math class was very easy. The teacher is very nice, and we didn’t do much work. Maybe that’s only because it’s the first day, but still. My technology Education class is fun, because we have almost all the class clowns in it. That was a mistake, and I wonder who it was that made the schedules. They gave Mr. Harrison the hardest time, I swear by the end of the year, he will have already quit his job and moved to another country because of them.

After school, I always had to walk home. So I grabbed my bag to head that way. I had to stop by Jefferson to pick up Hillary and her obnoxious twin friends Lily and Lila. I couldn’t hardly tolerate those two girls. They are two of the most obnoxious people I’ve ever met. All they do is walk around screaming different things and giggling really loud. Also, when they’re with Hillary, they always get this idea to have a screaming contest. I hate when they do that, because my ears always ring for days afterwards.

As I walked outside, I saw the boys. “Hey I have to walk home.” “So do we.” Nathan said. “Would you like to walk with us?” Zack asked. “Absolutely!” So we started home. “I have to get my little sister Hillary and her friends from school. Do you guys want to come?” “Sure!” Zack said. “Okay.” I said heading the way to Jefferson Elementary. As we got up to the school, I heard Hillary holler, “Come on guys, Ali’s here!” Then she and her friends came running up to me. “So Hillary, how do you like Rush Springs?” Zack asked. “Oh it’s okay. I have my best friends here.” she said. “Yeah I see that. So, how old are you?” “I am nine.” “Cool! What grade are you in?” “Fourth grade.” “What is your name?” “Zack.” “Zack? Well, you’re kind of cute. Why are you hanging out with my dork of a sister?” “Shut up Hillary!” I said slapping her. “Oh she’s not a dork, she’s pretty cool.” he said. Then, I saw a big smile come across Nathan’s face. “You’re smiling.” Yelled Lily and Lila. Then they all chanted “Nathan likes Ali! Nathan likes Ali!” I tried to ask them to stop, but they refused. So I turned to Nathan and said “I am so sorry about them. Please ignore them.” “Well, they’re right.”

So feeling a little embarrassed, I focused my attention on Zack. “So… What do you like to do?” “Well, I love hunting. I also enjoy skate-boarding, swimming, fishing and things like that.” “Oh that’s pretty cool.” “Yeah it is really fun. Most people think I’m a dork.” “Oh trust me, I know exactly what you mean; but, I don’t think that at all, I think you’re very cool.” “Oh really?” he said looking surprised. “Yes.”

Next thing I knew, we were at Nathan’s house. Zack was going to hang out with him for a little while, so we didn’t have to take him home. “Goodbye!” Hillary and I both hollered to Zack as he walked away. “Bye Ali. Oh and Hillary!” “Goodbye.” Nathan said throwing his arms around me. “Awww.” all the other girls chanted. “Shut up!” I hollered to them. I was trying my best to sound angry, so that Nathan wouldn’t see how embarrassed I was. I was also happy that he hugged me in front of his friends. Then, next thing I know, his lips were pressed upon my cheek. I wasn’t sure of what just happened, but I liked it. “So I’ll see you tomorrow?” he said. “Hmmm… Oh! Yeah.”

Finally, we got to my house. I got my key out of my bag and tried to unlock the door. “Hillary, did we get the locks changed?” “Oh yes we did. Did mom and daddy not give you a new key?” . “No they didn’t. Do you have one?” “No I don’t. They always give it to you, because you’re older. Although MOM says when I get older, that she’s going to give me the key and not you. She says that she’s going to give everything to me.” “Oh well that doesn’t really surprise me.” I said a little irritated. I didn’t really have much time to let that bother me though. I was more concerned with getting the girls in the house. So I called my dad while he was at work to ask if he could bring me one.

“Ali, is that you?” he asked. “Yes dad it’s me. I was wondering if you could bring me a key?” “Oh, well sweetheart, I have to work late today. Do you think you and the rest of the girls can wait out there until I get home?” “Sure I suppose we can.” “Okay Ali, I’ll see you later, love you.” “Love you too dad.” Then I hung up.

“Hillary, take them out into the backyard to play. We have to wait outside for dad to get home.” “Okay!” she said excitedly. So I watched as they went around to the backyard and got on our swings and played around and all that good stuff. It made me think of when I was her age, and how the only thing I wished for was to have a friend. As I thought about how I had always wanted a friend, Zack and Nathan came into my mind. I thought of Zack. Even though I just met him today, I can already tell we’re going to be great friends. Then, I thought about the future, and whether or not Nathan and I would ever date. Everything about him is so cute and adorable, if tomorrow he were to ask me out, I’d definitely say yes.

I was just in the middle of a fantasy about Nathan being my boyfriend, when I saw a strange car driving up to my house. I looked at the man inside, and it was Mr. Simmons. “Oh my gosh, what is he doing here?” I thought as I started to get a little scared. “I hope he doesn’t do anything to me, but I really don’t want him to see the girls in the backyard. I’m very scared of what he might do to them.” I was thinking as he rolled down his window. “Hey Ali, what are you doing sitting outside?” he asked. “Oh I’m waiting for my dad to get home.” “Oh okay. Do you need anyone to sit with you while you wait, you know, to make you feel more safe.” “It’s not like you would make me feel safe.” I thought. “Oh no thank you. He’s on his way home.” “Oh okay.” “Hey Mr. Simmons, just curious, why did you stop by my house.” “Oh well you see, I just live a couple of blocks away from you Ali.” “Oh my gosh now I’m really scared.” I thought, panicking to myself. “So you have no way of getting in your house?” he asked suspiciously. “No I don’t.” “Oh… Well, okay.” Just as he said that, I saw a car turn on my street, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

After Mr. Simmons left, I remembered that we had a house key under the mat. My dad kept it there encase of an emergency. I unlocked the door, and went inside. The girls noticed that the door was opened, and came in the back. “Girls, go wash up. I’m going to make some dinner.” “But Ali, we were playing.” “Hillary, you’re ten, not two. You can play with them for a few more minutes, and then you girls need to wash your hands and get ready to eat.” “Okay fine.” she said getting angry.

After they went up stairs to her room, I started to look around for what I could make for dinner. Cooking was always the responsibility of whoever got home first. For example, if my dad got home first, he had to cook. If Andrea got there, she had to. So it’s only fair that I had to prepare dinner.

I opened up a cabinet and found some hamburger helper, mashed potato’s, green beans and corn. I asked Hillary if she thought it would be a good idea to cook that tonight, and she said sure. So I started preparing the meal.

After I got the food cooking, Andrea came home. “Hey Hillary, Lily and Lila! How are you guys doing?” “Fine mommy.” the girls said. “Alasia, what are you cooking?” “Hamburger helper, mashed potato’s, green beans and corn.” “Alasia Michelle, you know we were going to save that for the weekend.” “I’m sorry mom, I forgot.” “No you didn’t, you just cooked it because you could get away with it.” “I didn’t think you would make cooking such a big deal.” “Girl don’t talk to me like that. I am your mother, and you will respect me.” “I’m sorry mom.” “Sorry won’t save your ass with me. Your daddy might think you’re sweet and innocent, but I see through that shell of yours.” “Okay, whatever you say.” “Get out of here, I don’t want to see you again.” she said pushing me out of her way.

I walked quickly but not dramatically up to my room. I shut the door, and sat on my bed. I thought about how angry she makes me some times. I don’t know what she was talking about when she said that I acted sweet and innocent. I honestly don’t act fake or anything, at least I try not to. I think she is jealous, because daddy spends more time with me than he does with her. I only say this, because last week, daddy said he was going to take me on a fishing trip with him this Saturday. Andrea got real mad, and as soon as he was gone, she said, “Alasia, you know I should be the one that should be going on that fishing trip. I wish he hated you as much as I do.” I didn’t say anything to that, just laughed.

I decided that I should probably stop being angry at Andrea, and start on my homework. I had to do science, but I didn’t look forward to it. After all, studying the Cretaceous and Jurassic period of dinosaur’s, was not exactly what I had in mind for a good time. So I sat down with my books, and began studying. It was only the first day, and already she’s planning for a test next Friday.

In the middle of taking notes, someone hollered, “Ali, come on, dinner’s ready.” “That’s daddy!” I said out loud as I shut my book and raced down stairs. I took a seat at the table, and got my portion of hamburger helper and mashed potato’s. “This is a very nice meal you cooked Anne.” dad said eating the green beans. “Thank you honey. You know, I was going to save it for the weekend, but I thought tonight would be the perfect night to cook it.” “Well Anne, you were absolutely right.” I was getting so frustrated, and I guess I made it pretty obvious, because daddy asked me what was wrong. Andrea gave me a look that said, “You better keep your mouth shut, little girl.” “Nothing dad. I think I’m just going to eat in my room.” “Is everything okay?” “Honey, why don’t we just let her go, she’s obviously had a terrible day.” Andrea said, acting like she was being nice to me. “Yeah thanks to you.” I thought to myself as I grabbed my food and headed up to my room.

“Oh room, we meet again.” I said out loud. I was so upset with Andrea, that I couldn’t even attempt to eat my food. I hope she knows I plan on telling daddy about this. Even if she gets mad at me, I don’t really care. She already hates me anyway, so honestly, what have I got to lose? I guess that does seem immature and childish, but so was her pretending that cooking the food was her idea, after she scolded me for it.

I decided that I should probably find something to do to pass the time, so I decided to clean up my room. I straightened up the clothes, and organize my closet. This took a good thirty minutes, and then I needed to find something else to do. I went through all the journals I own. I threw all of them out, except for one that had nothing written in it. I considered using it as a venting journal, but decided that was unnecessary. I guess I’ll just keep it until I find a purpose for it.

Just as I was finding a place for that journal, daddy came into my room. “Ali, can we talk?” “Sure daddy, what’s on your mind?” “You. What was bothering you at dinner?” he asked, as the two of us took a seat on my bed. “It was mom. She said she cooked that meal, but when she came home, I already had it on the stove cooking.” “Really? I am so sorry, I had no idea.” “I wouldn’t have cared too much, if she hadn’t yelled at me for picking that to eat.” “Oh? Well what did she say to you?” “She said that I know we always have big meals on the weekend, and that the only reason I cooked that was because I could get away with it.” “Ali, don’t listen to your mother. She’s just been in a bad mood lately.” “Lately? Daddy, she always treats me like this.” “I know, and if I could change it, I would.” Then, before I knew it, I was crying. “Ali, I’m going to make you a promise.” “Okay?” I said through my tears. “I promise to always be here for you. I won’t ever let anything bad happen to you, and I’ll make sure that nobody, and nothing ever hurts you.” All I could think to say to him, was thanks. “You’re welcome honey.” he said, wiping the tears from my cheeks.

“Daddy, I have to tell you some spectacular news!” I said, getting very excited. “What is it?” “I got a new friend today. His name is Zachary. Nathan met him this summer when he went to Mississippi.” “Oh, and just how old is this boy?” “Zack is sixteen, just like Nathan.” “Now Ali, you know what I’ve always told you about boys.” “Yes dad… I am a princess and I know it; you want me to show those boys that too.” “Exactly! Never let a boy take advantage of you, do you understand me?” “Yes dad. “Nathan is a good kid, but you still need to be careful.” “Okay dad. Now can we get back to the exciting parts?” “Oh, oh right. Of course we can!” “Well, Zack is real funny and outspoken. It really does seem like we’re going to be great friends. Daddy, I never told you, but this summer, Nathan told me he had a crush on me. Today, he told me he still liked me too.” “Well, that’s great.” “He kissed me on the cheek.” “Already?” “Yeah dad. I know it’s fast, but I’m never going to forget what you told me.” “Well that’s good. I want you to be careful though. Boys like to take advantage of pretty girls like you, especially older ones. I want you to promise me that you won’t do anything bad with this boy.” “Daddy, I…” “Baby, would you drive Lily and Lila home?” Andrea hollered to my father. “We’ll continue this conversation later.” “Okay daddy, have fun.” “I love you Ali. Try not to fight with your mother.” “I’ll try, but no promises.” He laughed, leaving my room. “I love you too!” I hollered to him.

Now that he was gone, I wasn’t sure of what to do. I figured if I took a little nap it wouldn’t hurt anything. So I went to the bathroom, took off my make-up and brushed my teeth; and while I was in there, decided I might as well take a shower too. By the time I was done with all of this, I was ready for bed. So I went back into my room, lied down on the bed, and curled up in a ball. I had been doing some thinking about Nathan, when next thing I knew, I fell asleep.

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